Edge Modular Data Center


Edge Modular Data Center

Edge Modular Data Center: a rugged, scalable, cost-effective, and highly-efficient data center product designed and optimized specifically for mission critical operations and edge networks. Advanced engineering design protects mission critical systems and no comparable modular data center products are available on the market today . . . ready to roll.

The Edge Modular Data Center rapidly meets your current and future data capacity needs while lowering your total cost of ownership (TOC).

What makes the Edge Modular Data Center a unique product?

Several key benefits:

  • Rugged – ideal for remote ops, edge networks, disaster recovery, and our product is constructed in a manner that outperforms the competition in harsh environments (not a glorified ISO container by any means)
  • Advanced Engineering: inside and out, designed to maximize uptime for data centers deployed at the edge
  • Best-In-Class: advanced power systems, cooling, efficiency, structural stability
  • Speed of Deployment – less time to design, acquire and deploy
  • Scalability – an optimized data center product for edge networks that is repeatable and standardized
  • Lowers Cost – eliminate wasted capital and operational expenses (Capex, Opex), rightsize growth and avoid the costs of overbuilding
  • Replace – older and inefficient data center infrastructure equipment and reduce your costs
  • Reduce – your onsite construction disturbances, risks and associated costs
  • Real Estate – add capacity quickly, while freeing up expensive floor space

Edge computing built to withstand the elements anywhere in the world; RIGID.
Advanced engineering design protects mission critical systems in more ways than one; UNIQUE.

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