Edge Computing Was A Big Topic At Mobile World Congress

Edge computing was a big topic at the Mobile World Congress and rightfully so as it is at the forefront of infrastructure providers everywhere.  Not so far into the future, a tremendous amount of data will be generated by internet-of-things devices, mobile devices and autonomous vehicles. Intel predicts “By 2020, an average internet user will use 1.5GB of traffic a day and daily video traffic will reach 1PB.”  It is not surprising that more and more information is being collected everyday and the demand for faster servers to analyze all this data is not slowing down anytime soon.  Read full article here

Edge Mission Critical Systems specializes in providing you with the best in class modular systems that form the backbone of data centers and critical backup infrastructure specifically geared towards Edge computing.  Edge MCS offers a totally engineered, PE stamped modular data center specifically designed for edge network applications where content and media providers require quick and accurate delivery of data with a 99.9% up time.


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Court Throws Out Facebook’s Motion to Dismiss Data Center Design Lawsuit

A judge in Silicon Valley last week ruled against Facebook’s motion to dismiss a lawsuit filed by a British data center builder in 2015 alleging that the social network misappropriated its trade secrets. The secrets in question are designs and methods for building modular data centers.  Two British companies are accusing Facebook and Emerson of enticing “them to reveal their data center designs and construction methods with promises of acquisition and partnership, only to then copy those designs and methods and pass them off as their own.”  Read the full article here

EdgeMCS has Joined the Diversitec Family of Companies

Edge Mission Critical Systems specializes in providing you with the best in class modular systems that form the backbone of data centers has now joined the Diversitec Family of Companies. Diversitec is a 25 year old, TL-9000 certified company specializing in hard-to find and manufacturer discontinued telecommunications parts, switches, transport gear and line cards. When a legacy telecommunications network needs critical parts to keep the network operational, Diversitec is considered the industry’s go-to leader especially when it comes to DC power equipment. Diversitec has refined its expertise around Power Systems and their associated battery backup configurations and is striving to meet customer needs from a full solution perspective with the recent acquisition of EdgeMCS and Backhaul Engineering.