EdgeMCS Services Overview

Ask us about our power packed consortium that truly delivers a full service, turn-key solution that saves you time, operating expenses, and improves your overall efficiency; best-in-class components & service. In addition to our Binary Bunker Modular Data Center tune-key solution, EdgeMCS provides the services listed below to our clients.

modular data center services EdgeMCS

Site Assessment – Our team will survey and document your site to ensure the requirements needed to support the Modular Data Center (MDC) and support infrastructure.  We assess the geographical location, environmental conditions, structural support, power distribution, mechanical system, and telecommunications/networking infrastructure.  Our team also identifies potential zoning and permitting issues to ensure proposed project can be properly executed and permitted to meet Federal, State and Local requirements.

Site Design – Our team will provide complete design services for the civil and structural elements, prepare drawings and specifications that are suitable for permitting and construction.  The design services ensure that the location of the MDC meets all necessary code, logistical, technical, safety and environmental concerns.  We outline site improvements needed to install your equipment and we identify the proper placement of the MDC on the prospective site.  We also provide a comprehensive budget and schedule for site preparation and equipment installation.

Equipment Selection – One of the core strengths of EdgeMCS is our knowledge of support systems and equipment utilized in mission critical applications.  We will assist you in specifying and procuring equipment that will provide the best Total Cost of Ownership for your facility.  We utilize a holistic approach in evaluating equipment to ensure you get the required operational characteristics, efficiency and redundancy at the best price.

modular data center services

Site Construction and Deployment – We will provide construction services required for the site preparation needed for the delivery and installation of the MDC or other equipment utilized in mission critical applications.  This includes obtaining necessary permits, completion of site modifications, constructing the mechanical/electrical support infrastructure, and integrating with utility and telecommunications systems.

Commissioning – Our team will coordinate commissioning services for the completed MDC or other equipment.  We utilize comprehensive processes for validating the electrical, mechanical, plumbing and control systems that support mission critical environments.  Our processes ensure that the critical load is always protected and will meet your desired level of certification standards.