Picture 01 - Option 02COMPANY PROFILE                                                         MIRATECH specializes in high specification emission and acoustic engineered solutions for industrial engines which are sold primarily to engine packagers, engine dealers, engineer procure and construct (EPC) contractors, and end users.  MIRATECH has a comprehensive customer offering that includes catalysts, housings, silencers, monitoring systems, and related services that address and reduce engine exhaust pollutants such as NOx, CO, VOC, diesel particulate, HAPs, and noise.

Dedication to the customer and end-to-end project management support is the norm.  The MIRATECH and EdgeMCS team is involved in every step of the way.  We take the complexity out of the Federal, State, and Local regulations as well as the installation process for our customers.

ADVANCED DESIGN CAPABILITIES AND ENGINEERED SOLUTIONS                                                                         MIRATECH’s expert engineering, project management, and EdgeMCS sales teams are dedicated to solving problems with custom solutions, based on one-of-a-kind needs. No project, challenge, or configuration is too large or too small.  Our team specializes in understanding the customer’s specific needs clearly, then designs, engineers, manufactures, and delivers a total emission or acoustic turnkey solution that fits each unique need. Simply put… MIRATECH/EdgeMCS’s team provides innovative design solutions that set new standards!

WHY WE’RE BETTER Picture 02                                                                                  “Engineered to Perform” is the DNA of MIRATECH.  It is a declaration of who we are, what we do and what we stand for. Performing is not an individual activity but a team effort.  We are united in our passion to have a “Commitment to Excellence” in everything that we do, so that we keep our customers happy and keep them in compliance with federal, state, and local air and sound quality regulations. Hence, MIRATECH’s team and products are known for their high quality, proven performance, and reliability!

FULL SUPPORT CLOSE TO HOME                                                                                                                                         Technical services and training provided by MIRATECH and EdgeMCS, along with field service from authorized MIRATECH representatives, ensures prompt, reliable product support is just a phone call away from anywhere in the world.

MIRATECH Brochure (PDF File)     MIRATECH Brochure (PDF File)

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