CleanCityDirtyCityRypos is a leading technology provider innovating the future of clean air through intelligent emissions’ reduction solutions built on the company’s patented electrically self-regenerating filters and proprietary catalytic technologies.  We uniquely address requirements for particulate filtration within a single modular system designed to permit reliable and unrestricted use of any mobile or stationary diesel engine.

rypos-logoRypos is the only provider of intelligent particulate filter systems designed to regenerate under any engine load condition or exhaust temperature.  Achieved  using a closed-loop electrically controlled filtration system, the unique benefits of this type of regeneration is maximum reliability through constant predictive regeneration.  Rypos filters do not need to either take the engine or filter offline, overdrive the system, or infuse added fuel to reach regeneration temperatures required by other systems.  Such maximum uptime performance and reliability delivers the safest and lowest total cost of ownership over the life of the diesel equipment.

The modular construction of Rypos systems deliver cost effective incremental capacity and adapt to any installation configuration making Rypos the most scalable and flexible diesel particulate filter available on the market.

Rypos Brochure (PDF File)