Steve Hudak – Diversitec Sales and Operations Manager

The Diversitec family of companies is saddened to announce the sudden passing of our Sales & Operations Manager Steve Hudak on Saturday, January 25th. As many of you may know, Steve was a rock in our organization for the last 10+ years and he is already sorely missed by the entire staff of Diversitec, Edge MCS and Backhaul Engineering. Needless to say, we’re all very much in shock and reminded how fleeting life is.

Steve took great pride in his relentless commitment to great customer service and he would want you to know that Diversitec’s operations and service to you continue to go on with the least amount of interruption as possible. In the short term CEO Jerry “CJ” Grothendick will be filling in for Steve until other options can be discussed and deployed. EVP, Robert Peck and Controller, Lisa Miller are also at your disposal in event CJ is unavailable.

Our hearts are heavy, but our commitment to Steve’s legacy and the clients he so graciously served is unwavering! Please feel free to contact your account manager or CJ with any questions or concerns you may have. Contacts:

Jerry “CJ” Grothendick |

Robert Peck |

Lisa Miller |

Steve Hudak

Edge Modular Data Center

Not Your Typical Modular Data Center Design

The ever growing load on the cloud infrastructure, a wide range of apps, and the ever increasing number of intelligent devices are driving factors for more edge computing. It is a market estimated to be worth 6.72 billion by 2022. Putting the pressure on edge networks are the proliferation of IoT devices, the need for faster processing, and the increase in cloud adoption.

Data center managers know that a rugged, scalable, cost-effective, and highly-efficient data center product designed and optimized specifically for mission critical operations is key for edge networks. EdgeMCS provides a modular data center solution based on advanced engineering design; it protects mission critical systems and no comparable modular data center products are available on the market today.

What makes the Edge Modular Data Center a unique product?

Edge Modular Data Center

Several key benefits:

  • Rugged – ideal for remote ops, edge networks, disaster recovery, and our product is constructed in a manner that outperforms the competition in harsh environments (not a glorified ISO container by any means)
  • Advanced Engineering: inside and out, designed to maximize uptime for data centers deployed at the edge
  • Best-In-Class: advanced power systems, cooling, efficiency, structural stability
  • Speed of Deployment – less time to design, acquire and deploy
  • Scalability – an optimized data center product for edge networks that is repeatable and standardized
  • Lowers Cost – eliminate wasted capital and operational expenses (Capex, Opex), rightsize growth and avoid the costs of overbuilding
  • Replace – older and inefficient data center infrastructure equipment and reduce your costs
  • Reduce – your onsite construction disturbances, risks and associated costs
  • Real Estate – add capacity quickly, while freeing up expensive floor space

Contact EdgeMCS to learn more about edge network solutions that will help your company manage your customer growth effectively.


data center asburn, virginia

Data Center Growth Continues in Virginia

Vantage Data Centers, a leading wholesale data center provider on the west coast, has secured 42 acres of land in Ashburn, Virginia to construct a new 108MW wholesale data center campus. The acquisition represents a significant financial investment for Vantage totaling more than $1 billion over the next several years.

data center asburn, virginiaAccording to Vantage, “The Ashburn campus will be larger than any of our current campuses in Silicon Valley and Quincy, Washington. More importantly, it’s an investment in our customers. As you can imagine, the decision to expand beyond our west coast focus is not one we came to lightly. Throughout the process, there was one constant driver to proceed with the expansion: the demands of our customers.”

Ashburn is located in Loudoun County which is referred to as Data Center Alley; see Data Center Alley – Loudoun is King of the Internet. It is a strategic location not just for data center providers, but for data center customers as well. Northern Virginia contains the densest interconnection point on the east coast. Loudoun’s Fast-Track Commercial Incentive Program allows data center operators to get to market in record time.

The region features low-cost power and a valuable sales tax exemption which results in a compelling TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). Construction of Vantage’s Ashburn campus is slated for early 2018; a five-building design and the delivery of the first 24MW building in early 2019. Other data center providers are expanding their operations in Northern Virginia as well; see Northern Virginia Data Center Growth.

For more information on data center design and edge computing networks, contact EdgeMCS.