Reliability, Stability and Longevity is Everything in Edge Computing

If your organization is in the planning stages of a modular data center project, chances are your Data Center Manager is overwhelmed evaluating product marketing, rhetoric and sales fluff from MDC competitors.  With the modular data center market looking to explode in growth over the next several years, it is no wonder more companies are entering the space creating a fog of information that can be frustrating to understand and disseminate the pros and cons within the competition.

In edge computi ng environments, reliability, stability and longevity is everything and the stakeholders are restless looking to maximize ROI for real estate holdings and space utilization in operational physical plants. This is where Edge Mission Critical Systems comes into play.  EdgeMCS is a formal consortium of best-in-class manufactures and service providers organized under one roof serving as your single point of contact and one-stop-shop for modular data center projects.  We will save you significant time and money by speaking a language that everyone can understand by providing consulting on any aspect of your data center project whether you are comparing existing modular data center offerings or designing your own or planning for future projects.

Vetting and interacting with multiple vendors and engineers is a very time consuming and expensive process. By relying on EdgeMCS as your single point of contact, streamlined processes are put into place with the critical project management skills necessary of highly credentialed and industry recognized talent that will keep things on time and under budget. Maximizing ROI is the name of game.  Contact EdgeMCS for more information on bringing a customized or preconfigured modular data center solution to meet your organization’s specific needs.

Government and Public Safety Agencies Rely on Backhaul Engineering for Wireless Communications Applications

Meeting the wireless communication demands of the federal, state/local governments, and public safety agencies is at the core of Backhaul Engineering’s service capabilities. As a single-source wireless engineering services company with more than a decade of industry experience, Backhaul Engineering provides the wireless industry with high-quality engineering, design and support services.  Both national and local clients value their experience in the areas of path engineering, spectrum management, interference mitigation and troubleshooting; as well as, unmatched installation management services. A total solutions provider from your core network to mission-critical voice backhaul, building interconnectivity and video surveillance.


Cities are now requiring occupancy licenses and Fire and Police radio signal repeating systems to ensure proper handheld communications in new construction.  Backhaul Engineering also offers a full package of services for Public Safety RF compliance such as signal propagation studies, predictive modeling, and installation with local Police and Fire.  Earlier this year Backhaul Engineering joined Diversitec, the parent company of EdgeMCS, family of companies. C.J. Grothendick, President & CEO of the Diversitec family of companies states, “Backhaul Engineering’s unique experience with public safety applications dovetails nicely into Diversitec’s existing customer base and the modular data center offering of Edge MCS. The skill sets in our family of companies perfectly complement each other.”

Internet of Things World 2017 Highlights the Rise of Edge Computing

Top IoT industry trends were discussed at the Internet of Things World 2017 conference last week; one being the rise of edge/fog computing as the shift in the way users interact with edge devices moves towards data consumption and production at the edge.  Before the explosion of IoT devices, users mainly consumed information at the edge.  Now, the growing number of edge devices creates large amounts of data and decisions can be made by machine learning techniques without user intervention. No doubt cloud computing will face some challenges as critical response times for processing data, the amount of energy needed and the affordability of sending so much data to the cloud first for processing comes into question as the interest in IoT shows no sign of slowing down.

The Internet of Things World 2017 conference covered a whole host of topics associated with IoT security, autonomous vehicles, intelligent transportation in smart cites and where to start aligning IoT strategy during lively presentations and panel discussions.  Industry experts and thought leaders in this space felt AI is becoming a key focus and the drivers for growth in the IoT will be the smart buildings, homes, cars and cities of the future.  Read full article here.