Edge MCS Teams Up with Rittal, Data Centers Built for Extreme Environments

Edge MCS is partnering with Rittal Corporation for enclosures, racking and cooling products to create prefabricated modular data center solutions.  Our scalable, turnkey modular data center built of lightweight concrete structures are designed for edge network applications and stand up to the most extreme environmental conditions.  We are proud to be teaming up with the highly recognized Rittal brand for racking and climate control components within our product known as the Binary Bunker.  Maintaining correct ambient and enclosure temperature is vital for our customers and Rittal offers a complete range of solutions to meet all our needs. Full article published at the Rittal Enclosure Blog here and on Mission Critical.

Virginia is for Data Centers

Virginia loves data centers and there is more good news on the horizon for the state who is already making its’ mark as a key player in the nation’s data center market.  Recent studies have found that the data center hub within Virginia, Loudoun County, has a big chunk of the world’s Internet traffic passing through it at 70 percent. In the works now, is a tweaking of Loudoun County’s zoning rules to allow for more flexibility favoring the build out of metro data centers.  If the proposed relaxed regulations are approved by the board of supervisors, it will permit data center companies to build in mixed-used developments upon meeting certain requirements. Some of the conditions that will need to be met have to do with the design of the building and the amount of occupied technical space.  If all goes well, there will be new data centers and more tax revenue in town.

Wise County, Virginia also has big  plans with its’ “Mineral Gap” data center project getting underway.  DP Facilities South is to build a $65 million Mission Critical Tier III Data Center in Wise County and bringing 40 new jobs to the area.  This is to be a state-of-the-art facility that will even further the push to build Virginia’s economy in rural parts of the state.  With this being a tremendous opportunity for Wise County, hopefully other high-tech companies will join DP Facilities in helping to transform the area into Virginia’s next technology corridor.

Understanding the Network Edge

Do you know exactly where the edge of the network is residing?  In the Industrial Internet of Things ( IIoT) the more recent development of strategies around Internet-enabled business improvement plans has forced manufacturing organizations to take a closer look at the industrial network edge and all the collective machines and devices housed there.  In the world of manufacturing the idea of the utilization of smart machines and smart manufacturing to reduce machine downtime; as well as having remote access and greater production flexibility is not a new concept.  Enterprise initiatives such as big data analytics, cloud-based applications and remote machine monitoring and service are the drivers behind the increased focus and the vision for the role of the industrial network edge.

Where assets are going to be optimized and the associated data analyzed most efficiently results in continual demand on machines and edge devices to “feed the beast.”  In addition to this, an increased emphasis on communication between the enterprise and high level applications is at least partially responsible for the term “network edge” itself and where the production machines to support operations appear in the architecture of the outer edge of the network.  Read the full article here.