Water War for Google's Expanding Data Center

Google has filed a groundwater withdrawal application in South Carolina as a means of cooling their expanding data center facility creating a war for water in counties around Charleston.  In an effort to help with cooling the data center servers, Google wants 1.5 million gallons of water to be drawn from an aquifer, a body of permeable rock that contains or transmits groundwater.    This request is not sitting well with the region’s residents, conservationists, and local water utility leaders as it is unclear how much water can be drawn from these reservoirs without exhausting the groundwater supplies and how long it will take for the reservoirs to fill back up.  Groundwater is currently being pumped by public, industrial and private wells in the area at a rate of 11 million gallons per day and with the uncertainty of the water supplies in the aquifers, freshwater reserve tanks could be effected in other parts of the Southeast US as well.

Data Centers across the country consume billions of gallons of water daily to cool their facilities and that number is expected to rise as the industry expands.  Tech companies are doing their part by investing in research on the environmental effects of groundwater withdrawal and Google has examined various options.  However, the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control is expected to decide on Google’s permit in May while opponents of the request want state officials to wait on making the decision until a study by the  U.S. Geological Survey on groundwater supply is completed in 2019 which would put an end to the sustainability guess work of how much water can be drawn from the aquifer.  Read full article here.


Not Your Typical Modular Data Center

Binary Bunker | Modular Data CenterAre you looking for best in class modular data systems that are constructed for rigidity, security, operating efficiency and aesthetic appearance?  Binary Bunker incorporates various proprietary processes to ensure their structures will endure the most vicious environmental conditions, anywhere in the world, without compromising structural integrity.  Lightweight, reinforced panels are welded together in the factory with unmatched quality control standards.  Single, high strength module is inherently bullet proof, vandal proof and fire resistant offers long term secure protection of your data.  Their designs meet South Florida hurricane standards, snow loading in the Rockies, and temperature extremes from the South Pole to the Arabian deserts mean lower maintenance costs even in the most vicious environmental conditions.  In more than 82 countries, on all 7 continents and in every state in the U.S. the enclosure design has met the challenge.

Not your typical modular data center, Binary Bunker’s enclosures lower costs and increase profits by reducing design, construction, and infrastructure management costs.  This allows for the ability to add data center capacity in just months and lowers the risk of over investing in data center build-outs thus preserving capital.  Energy efficient data center capacity with integrated, advanced cooling technology is controlled without outsourcing, when and where you need it fast.

Services that save time and money is where Binary Bunker’s modular data systems offer big data solutions without the big capital outlays.  Comprehensive services surrounding logistics and installation such as  site survey, location, power, mechanical, telecom & networking infrastructure are included.  Zoning and permitting support to meet Federal, Status and local requirements are complete with MDC drawings and specifications.  In addition, budget and schedule for site preparation and equipment installation is provided to get you the required operational characteristics at the most efficient and at the best price possible.  Edge MCS is available to discuss your specific needs and answer your questions.


Binary Bunker Structures Endure the Most Vicious Environmental Conditions

Binary Bunker modular data systems are constructed for rigidity, security, operating efficiency and aesthetic appearance. We incorporate various proprietary processes to ensure our structures will endure the most vicious environmental conditions, anywhere in the world, without compromising structural integrity. 

Our lightweight concrete modules take full advantage of concrete’s strength, long life and resistance to the long term effects of the weather. The walls, roof, and floor panels are triple sealed for superior weather resistance and welded together creating a single, high strength module.

The completed module is inherently bullet, vandal, and fire resistant. Our modules standard floor is an insulated 6-inch pre-cast, reinforced concrete panel, and includes integral lifting/anchor points. The lifting/ anchor points allow tie down during transport to site and anchoring to any approved foundation design.

Standard module interiors are finished with white FRP veneer panels, high performance materials that are easily maintained. Module exterior doors are constructed of galvanized steel, primed and painted to coordinate with the building.Doors are fully insulated and equipped with a high performance weather seal.Fire and ballistic rated doors are also available as options. All doors as well as other building openings have a color-coordinated awning for weather protection.