Binary Bunker Structures Endure the Most Vicious Environmental Conditions

Binary Bunker modular data systems are constructed for rigidity, security, operating efficiency and aesthetic appearance. We incorporate various proprietary processes to ensure our structures will endure the most vicious environmental conditions, anywhere in the world, without compromising structural integrity. 

Our lightweight concrete modules take full advantage of concrete’s strength, long life and resistance to the long term effects of the weather. The walls, roof, and floor panels are triple sealed for superior weather resistance and welded together creating a single, high strength module.

The completed module is inherently bullet, vandal, and fire resistant. Our modules standard floor is an insulated 6-inch pre-cast, reinforced concrete panel, and includes integral lifting/anchor points. The lifting/ anchor points allow tie down during transport to site and anchoring to any approved foundation design.

Standard module interiors are finished with white FRP veneer panels, high performance materials that are easily maintained. Module exterior doors are constructed of galvanized steel, primed and painted to coordinate with the building.Doors are fully insulated and equipped with a high performance weather seal.Fire and ballistic rated doors are also available as options. All doors as well as other building openings have a color-coordinated awning for weather protection.

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