Data Center Preparedness for Hurricane Season

Hurricane season starts June 1st; is your data center facility ready should this or any other natural disaster occur in your area?  Hurricane Preparedness Week is May 7-13, 2017 bringing attention to all the things that need to be considered for a potential land-falling tropical storm or hurricane resulting in wide spread power outages.  Keeping the power on in your data center is critical and one of the first things to have in place is backup power resources that are functioning properly and ready to kick in should the lights go out.

Regular service and maintenance to your backup generator will reduce the risk of potential problems occurring when the time comes that the generator is called to duty to ensure all your systems are kept working properly.  Annual or semi-annual services recommended by the manufacturer should not be overlooked with respect to your cooling and fueling systems, engine monitors, control panels, etc in addition to the routine generator service call or scheduled maintenance.  Another good idea is to perform regular testing of the transfer switch; as well as, turning the generator on to check for any fault codes that may show up.  Be prepared so you can rest assured that your data center’s prime power stays on. Read full article here.



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