Data Centers Spearhead Renewable Energy

The utilization of renewable energy sources in the design of highly efficient data centers could be spearheading the progress made in this area for the globe.  Some of the big cloud players are leading the charge of greening up their data centers in support of renewable energy for the future versus fossil fuels. Others in the data center market could be influenced by doing the same and this could change the shape of the world when it comes to energy regulation and consumer access.

While 62% of the global energy supply still lies in gas, coal and oil; the cost of these resources is rising while the cost of renewable energy is going down. For example, the cost of solar power has dropped significantly since 2009 and even in some countries renewable energy costs are in line with fossil fuels. The challenge will be matching fossil fuels’ ability to produce steady baseline power; therefore, the creation of smart grids will be needed to make the transition easier over to renewable energy sources.  This is where the work that data centers are doing as consumers of renewable power in such an influential way will benefit all of us and pave the way for easier access to renewable energy sources. Good for planet earth, read full article here.

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