Weight of the Digitized World on Data Center’s Shoulders

Skyrocketing demand for Data Centers in a digital world has changed the requirements and responsibilities that they carry for our personal and professional worlds.  As enthusiasm grows for  IoT devices, big data and digitized services; organizations need immediate access to data from anywhere at any time to make rapid business decisions and stimulate innovation.  Heavy reliance and demand on today’s modern data centers means budgets are rising as well and this looks to be a trend that will continue over the next several years.  The IDC research firm is predicting that data center budgets will rise to $16 billion by 2019 and will be highly focused on automation for increased efficiency.

Along with the new roles data centers are playing at the foundation of an organization, data center professionals will need advanced skills to keep up with multiple technologies in order to meet the digitized world’s demands among growing volumes of data created.  Areas such as data center virtualization, security and IoT technology is going to be the backbone of knowledge needed for data center employees’ success and value to the business.  Read full article here.

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