Edge Computing, When Time is of the Essence

Is your head spinning tying to effectively  optimize the processing power of your organization’s growing number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices used to help the business run more efficiently, boost the bottom line and increase ROI?   As the IoT market hovers on the brink of tremendous growth and the International Data Corporation forecasts global IoT spending to reach $1.4 billion by 2021, the answer is probably yes due to the fact that your organization is contributing to this explosive growth pattern.  In addition to that,  the unprecedented volume of data generated by IoT devices is probably putting a tremendous amount of strain on your internet architecture and making your cloud computing model impossible to control.  So, what do you do?

The solution to this deluge of data is edge computing, processing at the edge of the network versus sending to the cloud for processing.  Faster analytics for more immediate response in making business decisions is better served if the data processed is near the device while also reducing some of the pressure on your network.  However, cloud computing will more than likely still have its place in your environment and the goal would be to leverage the benefits of both edge computing and cloud computing to complement one another with an eye towards a balanced strategy and a stable network. Read full article here on marrying the two models.







Reliability, Stability and Longevity is Everything in Edge Computing

If your organization is in the planning stages of a modular data center project, chances are your Data Center Manager is overwhelmed evaluating product marketing, rhetoric and sales fluff from MDC competitors.  With the modular data center market looking to explode in growth over the next several years, it is no wonder more companies are entering the space creating a fog of information that can be frustrating to understand and disseminate the pros and cons within the competition.

In edge computi ng environments, reliability, stability and longevity is everything and the stakeholders are restless looking to maximize ROI for real estate holdings and space utilization in operational physical plants. This is where Edge Mission Critical Systems comes into play.  EdgeMCS is a formal consortium of best-in-class manufactures and service providers organized under one roof serving as your single point of contact and one-stop-shop for modular data center projects.  We will save you significant time and money by speaking a language that everyone can understand by providing consulting on any aspect of your data center project whether you are comparing existing modular data center offerings or designing your own or planning for future projects.

Vetting and interacting with multiple vendors and engineers is a very time consuming and expensive process. By relying on EdgeMCS as your single point of contact, streamlined processes are put into place with the critical project management skills necessary of highly credentialed and industry recognized talent that will keep things on time and under budget. Maximizing ROI is the name of game.  Contact EdgeMCS for more information on bringing a customized or preconfigured modular data center solution to meet your organization’s specific needs.

Weight of the Digitized World on Data Center’s Shoulders

Skyrocketing demand for Data Centers in a digital world has changed the requirements and responsibilities that they carry for our personal and professional worlds.  As enthusiasm grows for  IoT devices, big data and digitized services; organizations need immediate access to data from anywhere at any time to make rapid business decisions and stimulate innovation.  Heavy reliance and demand on today’s modern data centers means budgets are rising as well and this looks to be a trend that will continue over the next several years.  The IDC research firm is predicting that data center budgets will rise to $16 billion by 2019 and will be highly focused on automation for increased efficiency.

Along with the new roles data centers are playing at the foundation of an organization, data center professionals will need advanced skills to keep up with multiple technologies in order to meet the digitized world’s demands among growing volumes of data created.  Areas such as data center virtualization, security and IoT technology is going to be the backbone of knowledge needed for data center employees’ success and value to the business.  Read full article here.