Preparation for the Internet of Things

Sources say that connected things will reach 20.8 billion by the year 2020.  Is your organization prepared for an Internet of Things (IoT) smart project?  There are many considerations of how the influx of smart devices, as it reaches the billions, will transform your departments and networks in the coming years.  Understanding the overall strategy and vision behind your IoT smart project goal and subsequent deployment is the first step for the IT leadership team.  However, there are several key steps involved along the IoT journey, all of which are important before embarking down the path.

State and local governments especially have the daunting task of understanding IoT effects on areas such as traffic and street lights, electric grids and HVAC systems that private business might not have to consider.  But, with change happening so fast in all different directions all at the same time in many organizations, there can be a systematic approach towards the key phases of your transformation.

After IT leadership has fully developed the strategic IoT long-term plan and designers have thought through having all bases covered over the next 5 years, the next critical step is keeping up with Cybersecurity.  The sheer number of increased IoT devices alone and their inferior security offerings mean improved security policies and procedures are crucial in order to protect enterprise infrastructure.  The integration of the security architecture across the entire networked ecosystem is an important factor as the new world of IoT takes shape.  For additional information on steps to prepare for an IoT project, read full article here.




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