Creating Customer Value Through Internet of Things

As the market opportunity continues to grow for the Internet of Things (IoT), more and more companies are looking at IoT solutions as a means for improving customer service, enhancing operations, and creating new business models. IoT is built on innovative technologies which allow companies to evolve in a more intelligent, adaptive and agile way. By 2020 the IDC is predicting that 32 billion connected IoT devices will be utilized. The challenge that organizations could face is being able to extract timely, meaningful IoT data to enable digital transformations to occur so that the organization has the ability to offer innovative IoT solutions to create new customer values.

What if you were to look at the innovation of IoT not as a solution, but rather the disruption that occurs with these billions of IoT devices with respect to what they do and how they work throughout the organization? Here’s an interesting article perspective that discusses the organizational change and value that is created by IoT along the paths of innovation such as: customer engagement experience, services and business model. Consider the possibilities of IoT as a source of innovative ideas for a platform that addresses customer problems and pain points. Read full article here.

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