Edge Data Center Deployment Considerations

As emerging trends such as the Internet of Things (IoT), streaming content and next-generation telecoms come into play, new thinking is going to be required to optimize opportunities of edge computing initiatives. Where technology is going to be deployed and what supported resources are needed to boost application performance, will determine the level of success for innovations in edge solutions.  Just as important, who within the organization is leading the charge for an edge deployment and are they a part of the data center team?

Edge data center technologies take center stage when it comes to businesses that need to reach their customers quickly in an effort to drive sales by taking advantage of where the customer is at that moment.  One such example provided by Kelly Quinn, analyst for the International Data Corporation, highlights that in an effort to reduce latency and improve customer responsiveness; a retailer could deploy edge data center devices to quickly sense when connected customers come into the store and push special offers to those shoppers while they are there.  According to Quinn, “Any business that serves content to end users or engages end users in time-sensitive transactions stands to gain by implementing edge deployments.” Read full article here.

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