Growth of Technological Conveniences with the Internet of Things

At home and in business, the Internet of Things (IoT) is making life a lot easier and more efficient. From remote control temperature of your house to businesses knowing exactly what your spending habits look like, all of this is being done through the utilization of IoT.  With predictions by Ericsson of 18 billion IoT devices worldwide by 2022 and current U.S. smartphone ownership at 80% according to comScore, IoT is big and on the road to getting even bigger.  Life is becoming increasingly more high tech to the point of entering into the municipal services sector with smart city solutions such as streamlining community garbage collection through built-in garbage can sensors and the agricultural business is being enhanced through soil sensors.

Some of the most talked about IoT applications are the innovations within the automotive industry and what that means for road safety and reliability with total vehicle automation.  Additionally, for those that are ready for it, total smart home automation is within reach either with one central hub or multiple apps controlling all your devices.  IoT comes with its challenges such as security concerns, but plenty more devices are yet to come reaching beyond both the home and office.  For a look at what’s next, read full article here.


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