Saving Money Through Data Center Optimization Techniques

When it comes to today’s data center environment, the word on everyone’s mind is MORE and oh by the way there is not going to be a budget increase in order to satisfy the more demands that are continually being put on the data center.  Meeting the demands of more compute capacity, more storage, more power, etc. is going to be challenging for data center managers without data center budget increases or at the hands of having to maintain a stable budget.  Data Center optimization techniques and efficiency best practices will become more critical without more funding to support the increase in demand data center functions and the savings will have to come from somewhere.

Areas to look at for optimization at the policy and procedure level include evaluating outside contractual arrangements to ensure efficiency for maintaining service level agreements.  Additionally at the hardware level, unused servers could be identified and decommissioned in an effort to right size environments while evaluating risk of running out of capacity. Data deduplication can free up storage space and installing infrastructure monitoring systems along with predictive analytics for problem resolution can go a long way in doing MORE without more money.  For more information on optimizing your data center environment, read full article here.



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