Healthcare IT Embraces Edge Computing

An increasing number of healthcare organizations are adopting and continuing to add Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) devices to their IT infrastructure and as a result the industry is discovering that edge computing is a more efficient way to analyze data than cloud computing.  This trend is moving the healthcare market into an industry leader for connected devices as clinicians are able to offer improved patient care and interaction through real-time data collection and analytics.  Cost benefits are being experienced as well when data can be analyzed in real-time environments on the edge of the network and not have to be sent to the cloud for processing that could cause bottlenecking due to the sheer volume of constantly produced data by IoT devices.

With an estimated growth of IoMT connected devices to be 20 – 30 billion by 2020, significant advancements will take place in the healthcare industry.  More accurate diagnosis can be made at a patient’s initial interaction with the clinician with IoMT devices;  as well as, improvements made in the future monitoring of patient conditions.  A paradigm shift in connected devices from data consumers to data producers on smart devices means real-time data analytics need to be processed at the edge for realized improvements in healthcare IT infrastructure operations, putting us all in a win-win situation.  Read full article here.

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